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Monthly Customer Education Webinars

This page will be updated as we receive topics.Register for all 2019 Webinars Here (One registration for the series). Once the session is complete we will place the recording On this page. Webinar Times are: 9am Perth Time | 2pm NZDT | 12pm AEST (Sydney, Melbourne), 11am Brisbane


#1 Tuesday 29th of January:
How to Update Jet With New Features

When new versions of Jet are released, your organization needs to update in order to utilize the incredible new functionality in the various features. But many users are nervous to do so because they do not want to break anything or cause a disruption in getting the data you need.

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#18 Tuesday 27th of Novemeber 2018
Where to Start?

Have you ever opened a blank Excel workbook to create a new report and asked yourself, “Where do I start?”

Never again! Set yourself up for success by following our tried, true and tested report writing procedure, which we will walk through step-by-step in this presentation. We will show you how to save time and reduce the effort it takes to get the data you need by being more prepared and organized in creating your next report.

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#17 Tuesday 6th of November 2018
Jet Budgets

An overview of the Jet Budgets suite.

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#16 Tuesday 25th of September 2018
New features of Jet 2019

In this session we will take you through the new features of Jet 2019 which will be released in October.

This will include Excel addin improvements, user Interface changes, Dynamics Business Central compatibility, changes to the web portal, enhancements to Jet Enterprise, and a very short peak at our new offering… Jet Budgets.

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#15 Tuesday 28th of August 2018
Use a NAV dimension to create your own reporting structure.

In this session we will take you through how to use a NAV Dimension to create your own reporting tree using Jet.
This method does not require you to enter the dimension codes when posting transactions and it accommodates for hierarchy and subtotalling.

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#14 Tuesday 31st July 2018
How to create Grouped reports and Subtotals
  • We will step you through the process of creating grouped reports, and the options for subtotaling.
  • We will also take you through an alternative method to using the table builder, where you can create a dataset based on more than one transaction table (Eg: Invoices and Credits)

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#13 Tuesday 26th June 2018
About the Jet Service tier, Admin Console and the Web portal.

This week we will talk you through

  • the service tier and the Admin Console for easier management of New users, and data sources.
  • The Web portal, how to centrally share manage and rune reports from anywhere.

If you are considering setting these up for your organization, encourage your IT people to attend so they can gain an understanding of what is required.

(Note that the above features are available to anyone who is current on maintenance for Jet Professional and Jet Enterprise)

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#12 Friday 1st June 2018
Learning Jet Professional

Are you an Express user? Learn Jet Professional while were running our promotion until 30 July.

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#11 Tuesday 26th May Webinar 2018
Preparing reports for distribution to Viewers
  • Do you need to to distribute your reports to those, inside and/or outside your organization, who are not Jet report designers? We look at how to design and package your reports to make them easy to use for your non-designer audiences.

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#10 Tuesday 24th of April 2018

Jet Enterprise - Analyzing Cubes With Pivot Tables
PivotTables are powerful tools to help you organize and summarize data from Excel or other data sources in meaningful ways.  Jet Reports makes creating and using PivotTables simple!  Learn how easy it is to make an interactive PivotTable report with slicers, filters and visualizations, all from starting from Jet.

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#9 Tuesday 27th March 2018
Jet Professional - New Features
This session will show the new features of Jet Professional 2018 R2 to be released next month. Features we will show include:
  • Web Portal enhancements
  • Ribbon and user interface Changes
  • Background reporting
  • Fast Financials (Quick and easy financial reports for NAV)

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#8 Tuesday 27th Feb 2018
Using Excel Functions To Add Power To Your Jet Reports.
We will go through excel functions such as subtotal, date functions, data validations etc which help you to create great reports.

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