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Customer Education Webinars 2017

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#5 October 2017 (Tuesday 31st October)

 - Best Practice Report-writing Process VIEW RECORDING

  • This session will focuses on the practices for getting the most effective reports to your users.
  • This will not be about creating jet functions, but details processes for designing great reports such as:
    • Interviewing the report recipients.
    • using the best layouts and visuals to communicate the right message.

#4 September 2017 (Tuesday 26th September) VIEW RECORDING

 - Power BI
  • This session, Bhavesh will introduce Power BI which is Microsoft's data Visualisation Offering.
  • We will explain what power BI is, Options for deploying, and how we deploy this with Jet Enterprise

5 Unknown Facts about Power BI

#3 August 2017 (Tuesday 29th August)  VIEW RECORDING

 - Pivot Tables
  • PART 1 - Creating a pivot table from a dataset built with table builder. We will look at charts, sorting and more
  • PART 2 - Creating pivot tables from the Jet Enterprise Cubes - analysing comparative time dimensions and more

#2 July 2017 (Tuesday 25th July)  VIEW RECORDING

 - Table Builder
  • Use Cases for Table Builder.
  • How to create a table builder report
  • Pivot Tables.
  • Table Builder tips & Tricks
Training Videos (look at the “Creating Reports” section)

Knowledge Base
Pre-built Reports Library
Table Builder Sample Reporty Templates -as per Library reports
How to Choose the right Wizard

For those who have NAV 2013 or later – attached is an example of how you can bring in the Dimension description for the related Dimension Code. You can do this for each dimension. Table Builder Linking Dimensions - NAV 13 and later

#1 June 2017 (Tuesday 27 June) VIEW RECORDING

In this Session we will cover:
- Best practice for saving and running reports.
- Tips for Report Performance.
- How to see what version you are on and what's new since then.
- Introduction to the Web Portal